[Telepathy] New Cohoba: A Beginner's guide

Raphael Slinckx raphael at slinckx.net
Fri Jul 14 21:32:34 PDT 2006

[Part II]

11. The applet also has a left-click menu, presenting the choice to open
the main window, or access directly to one of the toplevel items
(favorite contacts or groups)

12. You can launch
./cohoba-applet -w -m group 
It will launch the group mode of cohoba applet which allows to have an
applet representing a group rather than the main stuff. left-click-menu
allows to choose a group from the available groups, and when a group is
selected, all the contacts/groups from that selected group will appear
in the dropdown. Think of it as a favorite for groups.

In the future the same will exist with mode=contact for an applet
representing a particular contact and all associated actions on it (as
well as existing chats/calls, write email, etc)

13. Gotchas:
If you used previous versions you might want to remove everything under
This is where the data is stored if not in gconf (only the accounts are
in gconf right now). groups.pickle store the group definitions
contacts.pickle store the contacts persistent data like avatar, tags,
etc and the (now deprecated) accounts.pickle store account data.

14. Please refer to daf, asabil, fuoco on IRC which might be able to
help since they have all more or less tried the new version with varying
degrees of success.

Keep a list of bug reports and wishlist for me so i can work when i get
back (not that cohoba is complete at all :)). Or Better: file bugs at
bugs.freedesktop.org in cohoba component that robert will create *hint*
soon, so we can all keep track of it.

Until then, i'll have no net access but will probably do two-three stuff
in offline darcs.

I'm planning to optimize the number of dbus calls for each contact and
maybe review the fault tolerance (especially when connectivity fails or
a dbus objects cease to exist). If i have time i want to add gtalk-style
names in the conversation window to better understand when you
copy-paste the current textview to someone.

Daf said he would maybe try to do a more conventional treeview with the
contact list (which i think should be optional :)) and something else i
already forgot because it's late :)

See you soon

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