[Telepathy] Google SoC projects.

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Wed May 24 02:22:21 PDT 2006

As part of the GNOME SoC projects, we now have 2 Telepathy projects

Mads Chr. Olesen, aka shiyee, will be doing "Generic user-to-user
connection interface for collaborative applications using telepathy".
Robert McQueen will be mentoring.

Perdaens Antoine, aka tlg, will be doing "Audio/Video Conferencing using
OSCAR for Telepathy". I will be mentoring that :)

I'm very excited about the prospects of these projects and they'll start
taking Telepathy towards what it's supposed to be :)

My condolences to all those who submitted projects that weren't accepted
- This was *NOT* due to the proposals being any less attractive,
its simply due to the fact that we had to fight hard for even 2, and
these were the most attractive to the other GNOME mentors. I hope you
all can still find time to hack on some of these great proposals
nevertheless :)

Rob Taylor

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