[Telepathy] telepathy specification 0.12.1

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Tue May 30 04:37:15 PDT 2006

We've branched the Telepathy spec to make a few tweaks additions which
were needed for various functionality. This stable branch is 0.12.x and
is in darcs at:

The 0.12.1 release can be found at ths usual location:

This release essentially matches what Gabble currently implements, and a
summary of changes (by interface) follows.


 * ConnectionManager: Connect can return a NotAvailable error to
indicate that the requested connection already exists.

 * Connection: GetInterfaces may be called when still connecting
 * Connection: RequestChannel may return one of the new Channel.Banned,
Channel.Full or Channel.InviteOnly errors
 * Connection: StatusChanged signal adds a new 'name in use' error (for
registration, or networks where you can only sign on once), and 8 errors
for various certificate validation failures.

 * Connection.Interface.Aliasing: The alias interface now allows
inspection and setting of multiple aliases simultaneously.

 * Connection.Interface.Capabilities: Refactored to have capability
flags which are set on a (contact handle, channel type) tuple, rather
than duplicating the tuple for each create/invite/etc capability.

 * Channel.Type.StreamedMedia: Adds a GetStreams and StreamStateChanged
signal to represent the progress of connection.

 * Channel.Type.RoomList: Adds a 'name' attribute for room names, if
they differ to the handle.

 * Channel.Type.Text: Adds an auto-reply message type, and a
GetMessageTypes method to see what messages can be sent on the current
 * Channel.Type.Text: Adds a LostMessage signal to indicate that some
messages have been omitted due to a flood or lack of memory.
 * Channel.Type.Text: Adds a SendError signal for when messages have
been returned to us by the server.

 * Channel.Interface.Group: AddMembers can return Channel
Full/InviteOnly/Banned errors.
 * Channel.Interface.Group: Adds a GetAllMembers method which returns
current, local and remote pending in one call.
 * Channel.Interface.Group: Adds a GetHandleOwners method which can be
used to get handle owners in a channel where the
 * Channel.Interface.Group: GetSelfHandle returns your handle if you're
pending (local or remote) as well as a full member.

 * Channel.Interface.Password: Removed all functionality except for a
'provide' flag and a method to provide the password.

 * Channel.Interface.Subject: Removed entirely.

 * Properties: New interface which can add read/write properties to
either connection or channel objects. Defines a set of properties which
you might expect to find on chat rooms.

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