[Telepathy] Mission Control Spec

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Thu Nov 2 07:57:09 PST 2006

On Thu, 02 Nov 2006 at 00:33:19 +0100, Raphaël Slinckx wrote:
> 3. Unfinished API's for 'syncable settings':
> === (FIXME) Avatars ===
> GetAvatar() -> ?
> SetAvatar(?) -> void

The ? here is (s, ay):

SetAvatar('image/gif', ByteArray('GIF89...'))

I'm not sure how we should deal with conflicting avatar requirements on
the different CMs. Requiring Mission Control to perform image format
conversion and resampling seems somewhat out of scope...

> === (FIXME) PersonalInfos ===
> GetPersonalInfo() -> ?
> SetPersonalInfo(?) -> void
> Because I don't really know what i should place in the ? mark (simon  
> can you enlighten me ?)

To answer this one I suspect I'll need to make industrial quantities of tea,
read the vCard specifications and meditate for a while :-)

We can leave this out for the moment and add it to the spec at the same
time as I add a corresponding Connection interface (which I haven't
designed yet either).

> 4. Requesting channels API:
> RequestChannelWithAccount(s:chan_type, u:handle_type, s:name,  
> s:account) -> void
> Does this one sounds sane. It's a very simple API to use for apps  
> that know the type, name and account to invoke a channel on, and  
> don't care about the underlying details.
> I have one question, what if the requested account is disconnected?
> In the spec I say that this method then returns an Error. Should the  
> MC try to connect it instead and then do the foo ?
> Or maybe it should trigger a dialog asking for connection ? If this  
> solution is chosen, how can a dbus API for that work ?

Tell the UI designer "if RequestChannelWithAccount raises Disconnected,
pop up a dialog offering to connect a suitable account"?

This would require some way for the UI to find out which of our account(s)
would be suitable to talk to that account, though...

> >Mailing-list: For desktop MCs it would be nice if they provided a  
> shared library with a variety of useful widgets in their respected  
> toolkit (QT/GTK+), that would allow any program to display account  
> settings, list CMs and such with a unified look. It will use the API  
> you guys proposed. A simple use case: A user expects to be able to  
> edit his accounts settings in the roster window (which is not part of  
> MC), the roster program (ie. Gossip), could simply display the same  
> thing you would see in the MC's capplet.

This doesn't sound like it needs to be the same module as MC, really.


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