[Telepathy] MUC with telepathy

Raphaël Slinckx raphael at slinckx.net
Tue Nov 14 04:49:08 PST 2006

Hi !

I started playing with the multi-user chat for the TELEPATHY branch. I
based my code on the existing jabber code structure, although i find it
suboptimal for readability.

Would anyone object to introduce some more gobjects in there, for
example a GossipTelepathyChatroom, instead of having structures and
hashtables and stuff.. ?

I made a screenshot if you want to see how poor the initial support
is :)


On a related note, We created a darcs version of te cvs branch to allow
for easier parallel development. Each one of these branches can be
obtained with the command 'darcs get $url'

This one mirrors the CVS progress. To add new features or create
patches, just branch this repository.

Gossip Avatars/Group support:
Full support for group management (creation/removal/listing/rename).
Requires the gabble.groups branch of gabble (or any client implementing
the spec)

Avatar fetching support without caching. Also missing is the ability to
set your own. Requires the gabble.avatars branch of gabble (or any
client implementing the spec, telepathy-butterfly works too out of the

Gossip Chatrooms support:
Initial support for the chatrooms stuff. This one is very unstable
because i just implemented the sending an receiving of messages and the
'join' operation. And badly.

For our beloved CVS maintainers, there will be patches available through
bugzilla once these branches start to stabilize a bit. I have good faith
in the avatars/group one being ready soon. in the meantime, you can get
a diff of each branch against the cvs repo using the 'merge monkey':


I suggest you review the diffs there then i can commit the patches when
they are ready for consumption..

I urge other gossip hackers using the darcs branch to do the same so we
can share the work..


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