[Telepathy] Using Mission Control with Python

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Thu Apr 19 07:53:26 PDT 2007

Alberto Mardegan wrote:
> ext Michael Sheldon wrote:
>>  I'd like to make use of Mission Control for storing/retrieving
>> account information, however this doesn't seem to be possible via the
>> DBus API. Should this functionality be added to the DBus API or would
>> the preferred route be to create some python bindings for
>> libmissioncontrol?
> It will not be added to the DBus API, since libmissioncontrol-config
> (the account manager side of libmissioncontrol) is not part of the DBus
> service.
> Hence, the way of reaching your goal is create python bindings for
> libmissioncontrol-config.

It might be worth checking with the Tobias, but I have a feeling that in
the interests of standardising interfaces between either mission control
implementation, we need to agree either a shared file format for
accounts, or a D-Bus API for accessing/configuring accounts.

At FOSTEL in Paris there was a feeling that a shared file format would
be better, because we'd address the case that a user in KDE logs out and
then logs into GNOME, and then doesn't "lose" all his accounts.

On the flip side, having people editing a file from underneath MC seems
potentially error-prone, so maybe the best solution would be both - MC
presents a D-Bus API for configuration, but both implementations use a
standardised storage format, safe in the knowledge they can't (due to
bus naming) run concurrently?


> Ciao,
>   Alberto


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