[Telepathy] Re: telepathy-sofiasip: problem for calling

Kai Vehmanen kvehmanen at eca.cx
Wed Apr 25 10:05:59 PDT 2007


On Tue, 24 Apr 2007, Matthieu LAURENT wrote:

> I use sofia-sip-1.12.5, telepathy-stream-engine-0.3.22 and the head of
> telepathy-sofiasip
> I launch
> ./tp_caller sip:multimediapurplelabs at iptel.org my_password
> sip:internetpurplelabs.com at ekiga.com
> 1) could you tell me what the 4th parameter (sip-outbound-proxy) could be?

that depends on the service provider. Based on DNS records, the correct 
setting for ekiga.net is "sip:ekiga.net" (i.e. the same as the registrar 
so you can freely omit the 4th param altogether).

> 2) This test file tp_caller should be able to call a logged user.
> However it doesn't not work and here are the traces:

Hmm, let's see..

> Succesful HandleChannel with streamengine.
> ** (process:25999): DEBUG: action_make_call: calling RequestStream with
> types->len=1
> RequestStreams callback with -126514188 streams
> ** (process:25999): WARNING **: request_streams_cb: error in callback -
> handle 0 is not currently valid for handle type 1 'TODO: label handle types'

Something went wrong with setting up stream-engine for the voice session. 
Either the API (of stream-engine), has changed since the version I used 
last with tp_caller, or something else happened (logs of stream-engine 
process might help)...

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