[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.10

Zhu, Peter J peter.j.zhu at intel.com
Wed Aug 1 00:00:59 PDT 2007

Thanks for quick  response.

For issue 1, could you please point out which DEBUG_DOMAINs you are interested in?

For issue 2 of unabled to delete contact, the following info is printed out as I tried to remove one contact.

TpContactList: Contact 'Peter Zhu' removed from list type 1
TpContactList: Contact 'Peter Zhu' pending in list type 1

Xavier Claessens wrote:
> Le mercredi 01 août 2007 à 01:10 +0800, Zhu, Peter J a écrit :
>> Thanks for frequent update. Here I met some issues as running
>> empathy-0.9. I didn't try latest empathy-0.10 but from what's new
>> section they seem not in that list. Ok, the issues are:
>> (1)The new feature of filter incoming message. It will result
>> messages lost. If somebody sent message to me and I click the status
>> icon to see that message and then close the chat window, the new
>> message is lost in both chat history and a new chat window for that
>> contact. If I replace empathy-status-icon.c with the version of 0.8,
>> there is no such issue. 
> Messages should be logged, if not please open a bug report with debug
> information [1]
>> (2)I can't remove contact in both empathy-0.9 and empathy-0.8. As I
>> try to remove a contact, it disappear from contact list for just a
>> while and re-appear again very soon. After some debugging, a weird
>> "loca-pending" message is receive immediately after I removed that
>> contact. I'm confused.
> Should work too, if not please open a bug report with debug
> information [1]
> [1] See debugging section on empathy's homepage:
> http://live.gnome.org/Empathy
> Thanks for using Empathy, I hope I'll be able to fix your problems.
> Xavier Claessens.

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