[Telepathy] Proposed standard MC API

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 09:28:17 PDT 2007

Le jeudi 02 août 2007 à 16:44 +0300, Alberto Mardegan a écrit :
> ext George Wright wrote:
> > That sounds sensible. How would the profiles be referenced by the client? MC 
> > should deal with the locating and indexing of which profiles are available, 
> > not the client, in my opinion. Maybe string or integer handles assigned by MC 
> > which can be obtained through a ListProfiles ( ) -> a(so) linking profile 
> > handle to connection manager object path?
> We need something more: a profile is an object having a display name, an 
> icon, and a set of default protocol parameters. I think it's worth to 
> create a DBus object for them, too.
> The account configuration clients will need to retrieve the list of 
> available profiles (MC will take care of finding them in the filesystem 
> and will provide a ListProfiles API), and present them (as a name and 
> icon) to the user when he'll want to create a new account. Then, they 
> will be used internally by MC to provide default values for the 
> parameters that are unset in the account.
> IMHO, profiles (and protocols, and managers) should be considered 
> read-only objects from a client point of view.

IMHO profiles file format can be standardised. Profiles are just simple
read-only key/value files. It's not really optimised to make a dbus call
to get a key, the client can read the file itself. We'll have certainly
some libraries on top of the MC dbus API to write clients, reading
profiles can be part of that library if the file format is part of the

Just an idea...

Xavier Claessens.

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