[Telepathy] Proposed API for client side of tp-glib

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Aug 6 23:26:26 PDT 2007

ext Xavier Claessens wrote:
> I was thinking about a new design for the client side API of tp-glib,
> something more object-oriented than libtp. The main goal is to
> completely remove dbus from the API, no more DBusGProxy, only GObjects.
> What do you think about? Should I continue in that way? Should I forget
> about that idea and just generate functions like in libtp? Or should I
> just keep using libtp and let tp-glib for CM only? Or any other idea?

I personally am not extremely unhappy with libtp; of course something 
more GObject-like would be cool. But how will you deal with async D-Bus 
Second, if you want to have D-Bus signals connectable as GObject 
signals, you'll have to register all of them when you create the object, 
and this means that you'll also receive signals you might not be 
interested about (dunno how big performance hit this would have). Unless 
there is some secret internal hook in GObject that gets called when 
g_signal_connect is called on an object (because in that case you could 
use it to connect to the corresponding DBus signal only when needed).


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