[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: Soylent 0.1.0

Travis Reitter treitter-dev at netdrain.com
Sat Aug 11 17:05:00 PDT 2007

At long last, here is Soylent 0.1.0!

Soylent intends to be a "people browser" that wraps every useful bit of
information about people into single, cohesive objects. So your friends
may have a dozen IM screen names, email addresses, website usernames,
icons, hundreds or thousands of photos, and so on. Soylent is meant to
bring all those types of communication and content together so you can
perform and reach them within a few clicks.

We're using the best-of-breed libraries to achieve our goals in the
cleanest, most universal ways possible. That means
libempathy/libmissioncontrol to perform Telepathy-based communication
(instant messaging, voice and video communication), Evolution Data
Server for email and contact store. Eventually, we're planning to tie
into the Gnome Online Desktop and Mugshot to pull the power and features
of social networks to the desktop.

*** WARNING ***
This is a developer-quality release. Though I don't think it has any
data-mangling/deleting bugs, you should assume it does. Back up
~/.evolution before you install Soylent 0.1.0. While you're at it, back
up the rest of your personal data. You've been putting it off long
enough, haven't you? :)

There's also a laundry list of Known Bugs (see the README). I just need
some time to plow through them, but I figured it'd be best to get out an
initial release sooner rather than later. Here you go, Naba! :)

For any bug reports, questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., head
to the Soylent development mailing list:


Thank Yous
Of course, there are some people I'd like to thank for helping me work
toward this first release.

* Rob Taylor - for kick-starting development and project and mailing
list hosting and for making me do something useful with my spare
time! :)
* Xavier Claessens - libempathy ROCKS! Thanks for making life easier for
me! :)
* Telepathy and Mission Control projects - Ditto!
* Ross Burton - for providing wisdom about e-d-s
* The Gnome community - for massive inspiration. Soylent would be a lot
less interesting without so many great people to develop with and for,
and to use Soylent with!

Release Tarball
md5sum: acb71157f9d8f18d524b0d796e4fec3f

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