[Telepathy] Proposed standard MC API

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd at luon.net
Tue Aug 14 04:44:09 PDT 2007

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 03:31:32PM +0100, George Wright wrote:
> GetOnlineAccounts ( ) -> ao
>   Returns the object paths of all the accounts which are 
>   currently online.
> ConnectAll ( ) -> nothing
>   Requests all accounts go online with the default presence.
> SetGlobalPresence ( u: presence_state, s: message ) -> nothing
>   Set a global presence and message on all accounts, putting accounts
>   online if necessary.

I'm assuming this only brings online ``enabled'' accounts and not _all_
accounts. For example my laptop only has it's Salut account enabled and i
manually enable my jabber account when i'm on the road (Thus not also behind my

Also as you noted else where. This function kinda makes ConnectAll redundant.
Although i'm wondering if SetGlobalPresence should really have putting
connection online as a side-effect, seems somewhat counter-intuitive.

As a side note.. First putting the connection online and setting the presence
directly afterwards is quite inefficient for telepathy-salut and possibly
others. CM Clients (The MC in this case) should first try to setup the presence
and only then connect.


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