[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-haze 0.1.1 released

Will Thompson will at willthompson.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 12:43:30 PDT 2007

    Following the unannounced release of telepathy-haze 0.1.0 ("It's
Like The 90s") last week, telepathy-haze 0.1.1 ("Release less often,
release correctly") is now available at:


1bd892c6e5a7d0a4330fff31711d52c7  haze-0.1.1.tar.gz

What is it?

    telepathy-haze is a connection manager built around libpurple, the
core of Pidgin (formerly Gaim), as a Summer of Code project under the
Pidgin umbrella.  Ultimately, any protocol supported by libpurple will
be supported by telepathy-haze; for now, XMPP, MSN and AIM are known to
work acceptably, and others will probably work too.


    telepathy-haze is relatively stable and usable for day-to-day IMing,
but it will probably fall over at some point.  Setting HAZE_DEBUG=all
might give more useful information if it does fall over.

What's new in 0.1.1?

 * Fixed segfaults when closing text and list channels, and some
   corruption caused by g_free-ing slice-allocated memory.

What was new in 0.1.0?

 * Connecting to MSN, XMPP, AIM known to work.
 * Plain text conversations with individual contacts.
 * The 'subscribe' list, plus contact list groups.
 * Basic presence: available, busy, away, extended away, invisible, with a
   message when supported by the underlying prpl.
 * Retrieving your own server alias and those of your contacts, plus saving
   custom aliases for your contacts to the server (where supported by the
 * Retrieving your contacts' avatars (but not setting your own).
 * Typing notifications.

More information

    http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Telepathy is currently the closest
thing to a telepathy-haze website.

    Thanks to Rob McQueen for mentoring me, and to the denizens of
#telepathy and #pidgin on Freenode for their advice and for acting
as guinea pigs.  :-)
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