[Telepathy] Proposed standard MC API

George Wright george.wright at collabora.co.uk
Mon Aug 20 07:25:13 PDT 2007

On Friday 10 August 2007 20:08:14 Xavier Claessens wrote:
> 1) They have translated fields

The current profiles implementation do, but do we really need them? Are things 
like the description, display name etc really necessary for the profile? Can 
we move these out somehow?

> 2) Clients wants to select "blessed" CM that works for them. A client
> without MUC won't install tp-idle profile, clients don't want to support
> officially the last very unstable CM that will break everything.

Isn't the whole point of profiles to abstract away any CM's particular 
features and thus stop a client from having "blessed" CMs?

> 3) There is UI related information, like which UI plugin to use to
> display the protocol-specific setting widget.

This shouldn't be in the profile imho.

> 4) Some defaut values for CM depends on policies, like should we
> ignore-ssl-errors which is a security flaw but (atm) required to connect
> GTalk.

I propose we simply have a "supports-secure-connection" capability and let the 
client decide on policy (and inform the user etc).

> GetConnectManagerName()-> s
> GetProtocolName()-> s
> GetDisplayName()-> s --> Translated string
> GetDescription() -> --> Translated string
> GetIconName() -> s --> Following the fd.o icon-naming spec.
> GetCapabilities -> as
>   possible capabilities copied from NMC:
>   "chat-p2p"
>   "chat-room"
>   "chat-room-list"
>   "voice-p2p"
>   "contact-search"
>   "split-account"
>   "registration-ui"
>   "supports-avatars"
>   "supports-alias"
>   "supports-roster"
> GetSupportedPresences() -> au
> GetVCardField() -> s
> IsDefaultVCard() -> b

I have no idea what the split-account and contact-search capabilities mean. So 
far I've decided to use the following capabilities (incomplete):


Avatars can be determined by looking at which interfaces the CM exports. Is it 
really necessary to have this in the capabilities?

Can anyone think of any additional capabilities which should be added?

> Maybe we can specify a file format to store profiles and MC should then
> look for
> <all xdg dirs>/share/mission-control/*.profile

I agree with this path.



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