[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-mission-control 4.35 released

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 21 03:33:44 PDT 2007


=== telepathy-mission-control 4.35 ===

2007-08-21  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

	* src/Makefile.am:
	Remove compilation flags, they are to be specified in configure.ac or
	in debian/rules. Fixes: #1772178.

	* libmissioncontrol/mc-profile.c: (_mc_profile_load):
	Strip spaces from presence names. Fixes: #1772539.

	* src/mcd-connection.c:
	Allow requesting a channel with handle 0 if channel handle type is
	also 0. Turn a g_assert into a g_return_val_if_fail.
	Fixes: #1772597.

2007-08-20  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

	* libmissioncontrol.pc.in, libmissioncontrol/Makefile.am,
	Merge libmissioncontrol and libmissioncontrol-config into a single
	library, called libmissioncontrol-client.

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