[Telepathy] File transfer spec: need for advice

Marco Barisione marco at barisione.org
Wed Aug 22 07:25:08 PDT 2007

Il giorno mer, 22/08/2007 alle 09.56 -0400, Olivier Crête ha scritto:
> What about FINISHED instead ? CLOSED kinda implies that you could open
> it.

FINISHED implies that the file transfer was successfully completed, but
maybe I think so just because in Italian the equivalent word (finito)
has this meaning.

Moreover, how would you call the CloseFileTransfer() method? I don't
like "close" but tubes are using it too.

BTW, tubes don't have a reason argument, how do you know if a tube was
closed for an error or because it's not needed anymore?

Marco Barisione

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