[Telepathy] Invitation to the Decibel Hackathon

Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at basyskom.de
Fri Feb 16 00:39:05 PST 2007

Hello mailing list readers,

Decibel version 0.2.0 was recently released and with this the basis of
our realtime communications framework is available and working.

To celebrate this and to speed up development and improve communication
with related projects we are now planing to have a

Decibel Hackathon

on March, 17./18. 2007 in Darmstadt, Germany.

I hereby invite all interested developers. It would be nice to see a
couple of new faces, so this is a nice time to get your feet wet wrt.
development for KDE;-)

Will, Michael and Volker already have expressed their willingness to
attend, so that we can discuss requirements integration of Decibel and
Kopete as well as how to store volatile contact information (like
presence state) in Akonadi (or outside it).

The preliminary agenda looks like this:

  * Welcome participants
  * Short introduction of the participants and there projects (it
    would rock to have some new faces;-)
  * Short introduction to Akonadi
  * Short introduction to Decibel and Kopete and the data they need
    to store
  * Hacking


  * Discussion on Integrating volatile data into Akonadi
  * Telepathy, Kopete and Decibel in KDE4
  * Hacking

  * Start implementing the decisions reached the day before.


  * more hacking

Put coffee breaks wherever desired;-)

Please get in contact with me as soon as possible (before 1st of March!)
if you are interested in participating.

PS: We do have a budget for travel reimburstments.

Tobias Hunger
Senior Software Engineer

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