[Telepathy] Review: telepathy-spec-stream

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
Tue Jun 5 06:10:23 PDT 2007

Ar 04/06/2007 am 15:11, ysgrifennodd Guillaume Desmottes:
> Le lundi 04 juin 2007 à 13:20 +0100, Dafydd Harries a écrit :
> > In any case, it's possible that the CM you're using only supports a subset of
> > the socket types available on the system, so it would be good to have a way to
> > find out which kinds of socket the CM supports.
> > 
> So we need one tube type for each type of address.
> GetAvailableTubeTypes() returns each type implemented and Offer*Tube()
> can raise NotImplemented.
> Anyway, we can easily reuse the same code to implement the internal of
> some tube types.

This seems a bit odd. Say we have TubeTypeTCPStream and TubeTypeUnixStream and
TubeTypeAbstractUnixStream. Either:

 - The full type will be included in the stream offer, so that you're bound to
   using the same type of socket as the remote end. This won't work if e.g.
   you're using an abstract stream tube and you offer a tube to a client on a
   Windows machine.

 - The offer will just say it's a stream tube, and the CM will need to pick
   one of the socket types to use locally.

So I don't think the socket type should be dictated by the tube type.

On the other hand: even if we do separate socket type from tube type, then if
we want to give full flexibility to clients, we have to give them a way to
choose which type of socket to use for a stream tube. We can't expect the CM
to listen on a unix socket and a TCP socket for each tube.


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