[Telepathy] Spec for file-transfer and tubes

Naba Kumar naba.kumar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 01:18:06 PDT 2007


On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 15:19 +0000, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> What about the role of Mission Control in handling tubes? When a tube
> negotiation channel appears, which application should it launch? It can't
> really make a useful decision until it knows what kind of tube is being
> offered, and if this application gets started by Mission Control, it's going
> to need to be able to recober the state of the tube.
We will also need to define 'tube details' such that each tube can be
identified and directed to appropriate client. Very much like mime type,
except the details are defined by originating client rather then being
implicit in data content. Also it would need to be free form text (but
with some agreed format) and not fixed defines.

This is important for example when we want specialized client
applications to directly negotiate tubes with remote user's
corresponding client applications (e.g. networked blackjack game, photo
shaing etc.). MC can easily, based on the 'details', redirect the tubes
to any arbitrary client that happen to register for them.



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