[Telepathy] Spec for file-transfer and tubes

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
Mon Mar 19 14:08:28 PDT 2007

Ar 19/03/2007 am 17:08, ysgrifennodd Dafydd Harries:
> With these things in mind, I'll draw up a spec patch, based on yours, that
> omits file transfers and non-D-Bus tubes, and includes ideas from Simon's
> proposals. We're confident that we can specify file transfers and additional
> tube types in separate changes to the spec.

Work in progress, but.

Spec diff:


Spec HTML with tubes:


Rough summary:

 - removed file transfer interfaces
 - removed IOStream
 - renamed TubeNegotiation to Tubes
 - removed tube interfaces other than Tubes
 - changed "protocol" to "service"
 - made "service" be a bus name for D-Tubes
 - removed tube types other than D-Tube
 - added parameters dict to rubes
 - added ListTubes
 - mention tubes for room handle channels

Tube parameters contain stuff like username/password, or any other stuff you
need to bootstrap.

As per Simon's earlier proposal, the idea is to make the service name for
TCP/UDP tubes be DNS SRV-like names.

Comments please.


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