[Telepathy] Some more tp-glib feedback

Sjoerd Simons sjoerd at luon.net
Thu Mar 29 10:27:20 PDT 2007

Some more tiny things i've found while porting salut to tp-glib:

* It's not documented that get_unique_connection_name may be NULL

* tp_handle_ref has changed to be void.. Can we assume it shouts when you try
  to ref an invalid handle ? I used the return value to assert a handle was 
  valid while in the channel constructors.

* Prop protocol of base-connection is used internally in contrast to what's
  stated in the doc..  It's even mandatory !!

* start_connecting always sets connecting after start_connecting.. Maybe we
  should set it to connecting just before calling start_connecting? So we can 
  handle CM's that don't (have) to connect async.

  But that way if start connecting failed we would have -> connecting ->
  disconnected signals during the Connect() call?

* Calling TP_SVC_CHANNEL_INTERFACE_GROUP_CLASS on a Objectclass implementing 
  the interface asserts an invalid cast. Shouldn't that work or am i doing 
  something silly here :) 

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