[Telepathy] Display names from SIP headers as aliases?

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>> as sent and received with SIP protocol messages. Just as in 
>RFC2822 messages, SIP addressing headers From: and To: may 
>include a human-friendly name along with the address URI.
>Is this commonly done by other SIP clients, and do other SIP clients
>usually fill it in with something useful? If so, then this 
>sounds like a
>nice feature.

Yes, it's not imposible and I've seen it done.

>> If the Aliasing interface is used for that, it may 
>necessitate caching display names along with contact handles 
>for the lifetime of a Connection. That's the only 
>implementation concern I have with the current API.
>The display name should be cached as qdata on the contact handle -
>that's what we do in Gabble. This means if the contact handle loses all
>its references (so clients are no longer able to query its 
>alias), then the
>display name is freed too.

Thank you, sounds like it's very cheap to add it.

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