[Telepathy] Display names from SIP headers as aliases?

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>> There has been a discussion about improving the Aliasing interface. I
>> have a tangent interest here, in that I consider using the interface
>> to expose display names for contacts, as sent and received with SIP
>> protocol messages. Just as in RFC2822 messages, SIP addressing
>> headers From: and To: may include a human-friendly name along with
>> the address URI. It would be nice to extract that name from incoming
>> messages and make it available to the API clients, e.g. to display in
>> a chat window, or as the initial name suggestion for a new address
>> book entry
>Right, this is a good plan I think. Are these aliases ever used to
>indicate call-specific information? ie, if the same person calls you
>twice, is it reasonable to expect that the only reason they'd change
>their human-readable name was because they'd decided to change it
>between times, not just because it was a different call? If 
>there's some
>convention for passing extra per-call data in these names, we 
>might need
>to do something differently, otherwise each time someone calls 
>you their
>name would change.

No, that's just a display name without any other conventions.
SIP has good means to identify calls, mind you :)

>> (OTOH that will raise more security concerns than
>> displaying a bare URI).
>Provided the user is shown both, there's no concern. If you took the
>other end's identity claim and used it to override their real identity,
>that would be bad. :)

Not to mention that SIP is as prone to faking the peers' identity as SMTP is.
You either use S/MIME or you have no warranty.
(Speaking of which, any means to indicate channel's security/privacy level in Telepathy?)

>Take a look at
>observe_vcard() and gabble_vcard_manager_get_cached_alias() in
>src/vcard-manager.c in Gabble.

Thanks for the pointers, I think I'll go this way as well.

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