[Telepathy] telepathy: problem fro accessing stream-engine

Matthieu LAURENT matthieu.laurent at purplelabs.com
Wed May 16 08:14:05 PDT 2007

I did nit get any answer to my last email (see below).
Can someone help me?

Matthieu LAURENT wrote:
> I have success in making the telepathy client "tp_caller" (from project
> telepathy-sofiasip) working.
> I can see that interface
> org.freedesktop.Telepathy.ChannelHandler, methode HandleChannel
> of the stream-engine is accessed by the function tp_ch_handle_channel()
> of the libtelepathy library
> I don't see any binding in libtelepathy in order to access interface
> org.freedesktop.Telepathy.StreamEngine, method SetOutputVolume for example
> Could you tell me how to add this functionality in libtelepathy, and how
> to call it from the telepathy client tp_caller, in oder to access
> directly to the whole interface of the stream-engine (or if there is a
> simplest way to access this function SetOutputVolume)?
> thanks for your help
> Matthieu
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