[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: eds-sync released as open-source

Onne Gorter onne.gorter at nokia.com
Tue May 22 03:03:17 PDT 2007

Hi all,

Today Nokia releases eds-sync.

Eds-sync is the component that synchronizes remote Telepathy[1]  
rosters (= instant messaging contact list stored on server) to a  
local evolution-data-server. After initial synchronization, it keeps  
the rosters in sync with the local addressbook. It currently will  
only work correctly with the Nokia specific eds-dbus[2], and it  
requires the addressbook UI components to do some special actions  
too. Most notably contacts need to be marked as deleted instead of  
being removed immediately; otherwise eds-sync cannot synchronize  
changes back with the remote servers.

* synchronize any telepathy roster to local addressbook
* allow changes and modifications of local addressbook while offline,  
which will be fully synchronized back to rosters when going online
* avatar synchronization
* contacts can have more then one IM address and same IM address can  
appear on more then one remote roster
* handle authorization requests (using Nokia specific backend,  
libnotify or dummy interface)

* libtelepathy[1]
* Nokia evolution-data-server-addressbook[2]
* libmissioncontrol[3]

[1] http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/
[2] http://garage.maemo.org/plugins/wiki/index.php?id=70&type=g
[3] http://mission-control.sourceforge.net/

Eds-sync is part of the Telepathy/Addressbook infrastructure on the  
Nokia 770 and Nokia N800 as part of the Maemo platform. As such, and  
for the reasons stated above, it is not possible to use as is outside  
of the maemo platform (yet!). But we hope it will be a step forwards  
in bringing instant messaging and the desktop closer together, by  
integrating instant messaging with the main addressbook on your desktop.

Find the source code here: http://garage.maemo.org/svn/eds/trunk/eds- 
sync/ . Eds-sync is released under the GPL. More information on how  
this can be implemented outside of maemo will appear on the wiki  

-Onne Gorter

(PS: cross posting this with reply-to set to maemo-developers at maemo.org)

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