[Telepathy] Proposed MC api

Naba Kumar naba.kumar at gmail.com
Mon May 28 03:35:35 PDT 2007


Proposed MC API:

This is based on what is written at
http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/Mission_Control and what we
currently have in telepathy-mission-control

(This proposal does not include accounts API yet).


* SetPresence(s:status, s:message) -> void

Requests a presence to MC. Note that requested presence stays inside MC
forever until we go offline and will also be used for any new
(re)connections that is established later

* GetPresence() -> s:status, s:message

Gets the presence that was last requested and is considered to be what
MC should try to set for any connections. This may not be what the
actual presence currently is, which is based on what currently online
connection managers support.

* GetPresenceActual() -> s:status, s:message

Gets the actual aggregated presence of currently set presences in online
connection managers.

Channel requests:

* RequestChannel(s:account, s:chan_type, s:handle, i:handle_type,
* CancelChannelRequest (u:serial)

serial is used to identify the request so that it can be canceled later.
It should be unique for the client requesting it.

* GetConnectionStatus (s:account) -> u:status
* GetOnlineConnections() -> as:connections
* GetConnection(s:account_name) -> s:dbus_name, o:object_path
* GetAccountForConnection(s:object_path) -> s:account
* GetUsedChannelsCount(s:chan_type) -> u:count
* GetCurrentStatus() -> u:connect_status, u:actual_resence,
u:requested_presence, a(suuu)

* AccountStatusChanged(u:status, u:presence, u:reason, s:account)

Emitted when account status changes. Both connection and presence

* McdError(u:serial, s:client, u:error)

Emitted for global error.

* PresenceStatusRequested(u:presence)

Emitted when requested presence changes.

* PresenceStatusActual(u:presence)

Emitted when actual presence changes.

* UsedChannelsCountChanged(s:chan_type, u:count)

Emitted when number of active channels of the given type changes.

* StatusActual(u:conn_status, u:presence)

You comments and suggestions are welcome.



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