[Telepathy] [Bug 12465] Current avatars API is likely to generate too much DBus traffic

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Mon Nov 26 01:57:07 PST 2007


------- Comment #7 from xclaesse at gmail.com  2007-11-26 02:04 PST -------
> And it wouldn't be too bad to add the avatar data in the Avatar(s)Updated
> signal itself, since most listeners of this signal would also want to retrieve
> the avatar, once they see that the token has changed. In this way the
> RequestAvatars method calls would probably be more rare.

(Here I say "Empathy" but it can be any tp client)

RequestAvatars is already extremely rare, Empathy cache avatars on file, once
Empathy gets the token it gets the avatar from the cache most time and don't
call RequestAvatars. If empathy don't have the avatar in cache it's most likely
that all processes listening to AvatarRetrieved would need the avatar data

MC is a bit special here since it only needs self avatar so if it listen to
AvatarRetrieved it will get all avatars. It can be optimised by connecting this
signal only when MC receives AvatarUpdated(self handle) with a different token
than the one currently stored, then call RequestAvatars(self handle) and
disconnect the AvatarRetrieved once MC gets new self avatar data.

And CM should wait a bit when receiving RequestAvatars() because it's likely to
get one request from many clients at once, so it could emit AvatarRetrieved
only once with all avatars requested.

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