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Piotr Gaczkowski doomhammerng at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 18:55:08 PDT 2007


I have some questions regarding the current and future Telepathy status.
I am aware that Telepathy is mainly targeted at integrating various
IM-related solutions into a desktop-friendly manner.

As one of the possible connection managers it features XMPP and here the
story begins. It is known that XMPP is not only an IM protocol. One
could say that it isn't an IM protocol at all and IM is only a subset of
its capabilities. That's not my job to decide. But we have to respect
that XMPP is more than IM.

Since Telepathy uses XMPP my interest is: is it only for the IM subset
or the bigger part of XMPP too? I am especially talking about PubSub,
which is getting quite a buzz for some time.

Having working PubSub would enable Telepathy clients to read Atom feeds
for example and have many other benefits from it.

Most of us probably uses package managers. I personally would like to be
notified about updates as soon as possible, but I am bored of the
constant apt-get update stuff (I know I got cron, but that's not a
point). I would like to have possibility to write an application that
would register itself in a PubSub feed and got notified once new items
are pushed.

This could reduce traffic and help informing people around the world
about new plugins, new packages, new updates, etc.

The point is: is such functionality in the area of Telepathy (there
should possibly be split between system Telepathy bus (package updates)
and session Telepathy bus (IM, plugins, Atom)) or should a new
specialized system be written?

I hope I would be understood, sorry for my language, though.

Piotr Gaczkowski
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