[Telepathy] [Soylent-devel] ANNOUNCE: Soylent 0.1.4

Travis Reitter treitter-dev at netdrain.com
Fri Apr 4 23:17:46 PDT 2008

After a few months' worth of massive code clean up, we're proud to
present a new release of Soylent:

   Soylent 0.1.4 - Nothing has changed. Everything has changed.

How much is "everything"? Since 0.1.2, we've added 5286 removed 3232 net
lines. Version 0.1.2 had 4964 lines. We've replaced everything on the
car but the paint.

As the release name suggests, there aren't many user-visible changes to
this release, but the re-write should make development a whole lot less

So if you've been holding back until the code is readable, your time has

* Massive code clean up:
  * Carefully check nearly every function return value
  * Make custom functions return meaningful values
  * Organize functions within files much better
  * Use consistent function names
  * Use consistent style
  * Should make the code base much easier to work with
* Fix a handful of misc. Person Editor bugs

*** WARNING ***
Soylent is still a work-in-progress. Though I don't think it has any
serious data-mangling/deleting bugs, you should assume it does. Back up
~/.evolution before you install this release.

There's also a laundry list of Known Bugs (see the README).

For any bug reports, questions, comments, feature proposals, etc., head
to the Soylent development mailing list:


Release Tarball
md5sum: 21f7104bfe2f9e4646c81154dc53a9e8

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