[Telepathy] TransportHander API proposal

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>I'm not quite sure why the values in Mardy's Conditions draft are
>strings rather than variants (in practice I expect a lot of conditions
>are going to be boolean) but if we introduce a convention that boolean
>conditions always have value "0" or "1" it should be OK.

Well, it was me who suggested to make them strings, to simplify
configuration file parsing. But if I'm outvoted 1:2, they can be variants.

>I think a reasonably well thought-out list of well-known keys 
>is needed.

Yes, and you had a good start in an earlier draft.

>Mardy's draft doesn't cover all the use cases mentioned in the
>rationale (negating rules to have an account which is 
>connected when not
>at work), which is amusing... perhaps someone can think of a 
>more elegant way
>to achieve the same result?

Our current thinking includes a connectivity plugin which handles conditions such as
(imagined account/profile syntax similar to param- convention):

condition-conn-ap = WORK,HOME,"wacky name"

, where the gory syntax in the value is left for the plugin to parse and reason about.

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