[Telepathy] [Bug 15562] Using handle to represent temporary contacts valid during session

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Thu Apr 17 04:31:13 PDT 2008


--- Comment #1 from Mikhail Zabaluev <mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com>  2008-04-17 04:31:13 PST ---
I think there's a synergy to be exploited with XMPP resource IDs as well.
What if we have a generic interface where it's possible to retrieve zero or
more "UA handles" associated with the regular "address handle". Then, some use
cases can make use of the UA handles for precise addressing. There might be
also a notion of the default UA handle per address handle, selectable by the
client, while addressing should still be limited to address handles to hide
implementation differences.

I think it can also solve part of the problem with aliasing in SIP text
channels implemented with MESSAGE requests (however, if cross-request Call-ID
is not maintained, we have no means to track the aliases).

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