[Telepathy] Requestotron use-cases, part 2

Frederic Peters fpeters at 0d.be
Wed Apr 30 06:23:59 PDT 2008

Simon McVittie wrote:

> > 3) I suggested that the chat UI don't close the channel, but that
> > depends on the dispatcher. My idea is that the dispatcher could give the
> > channel to handlers in a priority order and don't dispatch to lower
> > priority until current priority tells to continue the dispatching. with
> > that system the chat UI is just a handler like others, and we could have
> > handlers with lower priority that want the channel after the chat UI is
> > done with it. So in that case it's MC that is responsible to close the
> > channel when there is no more lower priority handlers.
> Why is it this complicated? What other handlers need to be invoked? Why
> do they need this pattern? What are the use cases/requirements for such
> a complex system?

I am just a newcomer when it concerns Telepathy and I am not totally
sure about the way everything fits together, so bear with me if it is
unrelated to Xavier comment, or is covered by an other existing use

My special use case would be using Totem, enjoying a movie, and a
plugin that would get IM messages to its fullscreen window, possibly
just like a news ticker.  Then I would notice important messages,
pause the video, un-fullscreen it, click on the blinking empathy icon
and answer.

Does it make sense ?


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