[Telepathy] RequestedPresence on org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Account

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik sveinung84 at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 19 19:51:05 PDT 2008


The Telepathy spec specifies about the property RequestedPresence on
org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Account that "When this is changed, the
account manager should attempt to manipulate the connection manager to
make CurrentPresence match RequestedPresence as closely as possible."
Am I correct to understand that if you set this to an online Precence
for an Account that is not online the AccountMananger will bring it
online? Are there any implementations of this right now? (I tried
Nokia Mission Control 5.0beta26 but the account don't go online. This
could be an error elsewhere, but I suspect that it is because NMC
isn't finish implementing it yet)

Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik

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