[Telepathy] python and file transfer

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 02:20:20 PST 2008

Le mardi 25 novembre 2008 à 01:52 +0100, Aleix a écrit :
> hi list

Hi Alex,

> I need to make a bot using python and since pyxmpp wasn't a proper
> choice i thought about telepathy. The problem was that I needed file
> transfer and I couldn't do it.
> After researching a little bit and with the help of some irc kind
> people i was suggested to ask here, so here is the question:

> - would I be able to create a bot capable to send and receive flies
> and text using python?

Yes. I wrote a simple telepathy-python script to send and receive files
using Telepathy. It has not been reviewed yet so it's probably not
perfect but seems to do the job.

> I've been told that jabber support is still not supported but that
> telepathy-salut would let me do so and i am kind of fine with it.

Yes, currently  FT is implemented only in Salut (link-local XMPP) but
having it working in Gabble (jabber) is one of our priority so that
shouldn't take too long.

> - is it documented somewhere how should i install the file
> transfer-capable telepathy-salut version? (since it is not in debian
> sid)

You can get the master version using git:
git clone git://git.collabora.co.uk/git/telepathy-salut.git

But I have good hope to make a new release today so it should be in
Debian pretty soon.



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