[Telepathy] telepathy tubes on maemo

harini satyanarayanan hpundis1 at binghamton.edu
Thu Feb 21 14:10:53 PST 2008


>  >    I am currently working on a drawing based application on maemo, and
>  >  wanted to use telepathy tubes in the development. Does anybody know if
>  >  the Nokia N800/810 and maemo support telepathy tubes implementation?
>  Sorry, they don't. The current Maemo release has telepathy-gabble 0.6.x and
>  libdbus 1.0.x. Tubes were introduced in telepathy-gabble 0.7, and D-Bus
>  tubes require libdbus 1.1.x.

do they work directly on the handheld, as in if i wrote a test app and
directly ssh into the device?

I was wondering if tubes were implemented on the version of telepathy
on the device(OS 2008) .


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