[Telepathy] MissionControl's spec

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 8 01:42:28 PST 2008

Other few things:

1) It seems that channel handlers cannot prevent a channel from being 
dispatched, other than not emitting the Dispatch signal; I think we need 
to add a boolean parameter to this signal, that tells MC whether it has 
to continue invoking other channel handlers or if should close the channel.
I didn't notice this, because I assumed that channel handlers where 
allowed to close the channels; but in the specs I read this "Chandlers 
should never close channels, instead they should simply emit Dispatch 
signal and MissionControl will close the channel if there is no lower 
priority chandlers.", so something must be changed.

2) I guess that the client that calls RequestChannel() would like to 
know if some errors occur; errors could be that the channel is not 
created, or that some high priority channel handler closes blocks the 
channel. In the former case, MissionControl has all the information it 
needs; in the latter, we also need to add some error code to the CH 
Dispatch signal (and here I miss a CloseWithReason() channel method in 
Then MC must emit a signal (ChannelRequestFailed?) which carries the 
information needed for the requestor of the channel to know that his 
channel request failed, and the reason for it. I think the easies way 
would be to have RequestChannel return an integer request_id, that would 
then be used to identify the channel request in the ChannelRequestFailed 

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