[Telepathy] MissionControl's spec

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 8 23:55:02 PST 2008

ext Xavier Claessens wrote:
> I was thinking about changing RequestChannel(type,handle,handle_type) by
> DispatchChannel(bus_name,object_path) and let the client call
> RequestChannel from Connection iface and handle errors itself. The
> motivation of that is for Media channels: Client making the call needs
> to first create the channel and add the contact to the group interface
> then dispatching the channel. With current NMC it's not possible because
> if I RequestChannel (from Connection iface) NMC thinks it's a outgoing
> channel.

I'm not sure I'm following you; how would things work according to your 
idea? If I understood it correctly, you'd do something like this:

1) Client (let's call it Empathy as an example) request a channel 
directly to the CM.
2) Empathy handles the NewChannel signal
3) Empathy performs some operations on the channel, such as adding the 
self contact to the groups interface
4) Empathy calls MC's DispatchChannel method
5) MC calls the channel handlers, in the proper order

I think there's no need for Empathy to directly call the CM 
RequestChannel (which in facts defeats the point of MC); if you really 
need to perform some operations before the Channel Handlers are called, 
you can install a high priority CH from Empathy which adds the self 
contact to the groups interface.
Besides, I don't like relying on the client to call DispatchChannel(), 
and would it also handle NewChannel for incoming channels?

I think it's much better if all the channel requesting process is 
handled by MC -- that's also why I'm asking for 
RequestChannelWithStringHandle (which is needed by clients that have a 
local address book, and can intiate calls from offline state).


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