[Telepathy] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-mission-control 4.53 released

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jan 14 01:35:38 PST 2008


=== telepathy-mission-control 4.53 ===

2008-01-14  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

	Patch from Xavier Claessens <zdra at users.sourceforge.net>:
	* src/mcd-presence-frame.c:
	Emit presence signals when the status message is changed.
	Fixes: #1864568.

	Patch from Xavier Claessens <zdra at users.sourceforge.net>:
	* libmissioncontrol/mission-control-signals-marshal.list,
	Register the PresenceChanged and ActualPresenceChanged signals.
	Fixes: 31862760.

	* server/Makefile.am:
	Move mission-control binary to $libexecdir. Fixes: #1827691.

	Patch from Alban Crequy <albancrequy at users.sourceforge.net>:
	* src/mcd-connection.c:
	Duplicate the channel_type string, because the original one might be
	freed while we are still using it. Fixes: #1849202.

2008-01-11  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

	* src/mcd-connection.c:
	If the server doesn't store the avatar, we must set it everytime we
	connect. Fixes: #1825366.

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