[Telepathy] Review of MissionControl spec

Emanuele Aina em at nerd.ocracy.org
Wed Jan 23 11:16:32 PST 2008

Xavier Claessens prospettò:

>>> In fact Empathy updates each value separately directly when you write
>>> it, so there is not a "Cancel" and "Ok" buttons but only "Close" as
>>> everything already got applied. I did that because GNOME applications
>>> generally prefer instant-apply and NMC API makes that easy. However with
>>> "new" behaviour of NMC is to reconnect the account each time a param is
>>> changed so I really should change that in Empathy UI.
>>> Not sure what's the best...
>> NMC shouldn't do that. I'm not sure what it should do, but not that.
>> The Nokia UI doesn't let you change account params unless the account is
>> disabled, which seems somewhat reasonable - GNOME-style insta-apply isn't
>> really feasible when these params don't take effect until the next time you
>> reconnect!
> In fact, when I designed the UI, NMC was not reconnecting account each
> time, so it was a insta-apply to gconf rather than insta-apply to the
> connection itself. If we change to a SetParameters call I can easily
> change that and apply all changes at once when closing the dialog with a
> dialog that pops "You have to reconnect some accounts before changes
> take effect" or simply silently reconnect.

Maybe just add a small notice "Changes will only be applied on the next 
reconnect" and a "Reconnect" button to the editing dialog only if the 
account shown is already connected.

I'm not sure a silent reconnect is a good thing, but I'm pretty sure an 
additional popup dialog is not! ;)

Complimenti per l'ottima scelta.

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