[Telepathy] Connectivity manager

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jan 25 04:24:41 PST 2008

Hi, I would like to bring up the matter of associating accounts with 
Most of the accounts require an internet connection to work, but there 
are a few special cases that we might want to consider: for instance I 
guess that for Salut (link-local) this requirement might be loosened a 
bit, and for a modem or bluetooth connection manager the connectivity 
requirements are completely different.

I think that mission-control should be aware of the connectivity status, 
and consequently manage the "onlineness" of the various accounts that 
are affected by the connectivity changes.

Is there in Linux some unified way to get notified of connectivity 
events? (where by connectivity I also include phone, bluetooth, vpn...)

If there is none, we should think about having a "ConnectivityManager" 
service which, through the use of plugins, monitors the various sources 
of connectivity events and raises some signals when connectivity status 
changes (and carrying all the parameters necessary to work with that 

We need a way to classify the various types of connections, and bind 
them to the mission-control Accounts (or maybe to the Connection Managers?).

Please brainstorm on the issue. :-)


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