[Telepathy] Privacy List/Blocking

lalita kapoor lalita.kapur at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 04:08:17 PST 2008


What are the interfaces available in libtelepathy-0.3.1 for blocking
conatcts/messages/presence ( as per the xmpp protocol) and privacy list?
There is an interface tp_get_conn_privacy_interface which provides
GetPrivacyMode etc in libtelepathy. Is this the interface used for
blocking/privacy lists in telepathy? But for this interface( eg for
GetPrivacyMode ) , I couldnot find any implementation in

More I could see There is an api gabble_roster_handle_set_blocked which
takes an interface "deny" which is provided by gabble only in case of gtalk.

This interface can be used for blocking contact in gtalk (server will not
broadcast your presence to, or accept messages from, this contact. )

But this interface may not be used for any other xmpp service as gabble
doesn't provide "deny" interface itself for any other service other than

More this uses Google Talk XMPP extension "Extended Contact Attribute" (*

for blocking ( gr:t=B). This will not use "jabber:iq:privacy" for blocking
.XMPP says "jabber:iq:privacy" should be used for blocking.

I want to know what are all the api's in libtelepathy and telepathygabble
which I can use for blocking/privacy?


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