[Telepathy] Account and AccountManager objects

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 03:03:38 PST 2008

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On Tue, 29 Jan 2008 at 13:41:47 +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager.Interface.Conditions
> =============================================================
> [...]
> Signals
> -------
> AccountRequirementsUpdated (as: Provided, as: Not_Provided)

Should be AccountConditionsUpdated of course, and this whole interface
could probably do with some renaming to make it less confusable with the
corresponding interfaces on Preset and Account.

> org.freedesktop.Telepathy.AccountManager.Preset
> ===============================================
> [...]
> D-Bus core Properties
> ---------------------
> [...]
> Conditions: (as (Account_Condition[]), read-only)
>   Conditions that accounts using this preset should have by default.

I think this property is sufficiently contentious that it should be in a
separate interface o.fd.T.AccountManager.Preset.Interface.Conditions
or something, so we can swap it out if it turns out to have been a poor design.

> org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Account
> =================================

I think DesiredStatus needs revisiting when I've worked out what account
status notification will look like.

The exact semantics of AutoConnect and DesiredStatus will have to depend on the
Conditions interface, but I think they're probably uncontroversial
enough that if we later replace Conditions with something else, we can
define AutoConnect and DesiredStatus in quite a vague way, and have
Conditions and Conditions2 each describe their own exact semantics in terms of
AutoConnect and DesiredStatus.

However, at least Conditions (probably better named RequiredConditions) should
be on a separate interface, o.fd.T.Account.Interface.Conditions, since I'm
unsure about this API and we may well want to replace it in future...

> Signals
> -------
> AccountPropertiesChanged (a{sv}: Delta)

... which would mean that this signal (as described) would not be emitted if
the required conditions changed, because it would not be on this interface.
Obviously this would mean that the Conditions interface needs a
RequiredConditionsChanged signal.



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