[Telepathy] [Bug 16307] tp_connection_got_interfaces_cb: assertion failed: (self->priv- >introspect_needed == NULL)

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Wed Jun 25 09:37:26 PDT 2008


--- Comment #3 from Alban Crequy <alban.crequy at collabora.co.uk>  2008-06-25 09:37:25 PST ---
I have the explanation for the bug :-)

1. Mission Control calls the D-Bus method Connect on the connection object.
2. Connection Manager connects and sends the D-Bus signal StatusChanged to
3. In the TpConnection constructor, Empathy call the D-Bus method GetStatus on
the connection object.
4. Empathy receives the D-Bus signal StatusChanged sent in step 2:

(empathy:19783): tp-glib-DEBUG: tp_connection_status_changed: 0x2615d00: -1 ->
0 because 1
(empathy:19783): tp-glib-DEBUG: tp_connection_status_changed: Connection
changed to connected 0x2615d00

5. Connection Manager receives the D-Bus method GetStatus sent in step 3.
6. Connection Manager replies and Empathy receives the reply:

(empathy:19783): tp-glib-DEBUG: tp_connection_got_status_cb: 0x2615d00
(empathy:19783): tp-glib-DEBUG: tp_connection_got_status_cb: 0x2615d00: Initial
status is 0
(empathy:19783): tp-glib-DEBUG: tp_connection_status_changed: 0x2615d00: 0 -> 0
because 0
(empathy:19783): tp-glib-DEBUG: tp_connection_status_changed: Connection
changed to connected 0x2615d00

So the introspection is started twice by tp_connection_status_changed() in
steps 4 and 6.

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