[Telepathy] Geolocation in Telepathy

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 3 12:56:18 PST 2008

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Simon McVittie wrote:
| The client should pick up the location from GeoClue, direct user input,
or some
| other source (e.g. whatever API the N810's internal GPS has), apply
| appropriate "rounding" according to user preference (e.g. the user could
| choose to round off their position to the nearest 1km or 10km or something),
| and send it to the connection manager; this is all out of scope for the
| connection managers, though. Of course, ideally the "other sources" would
| just be GeoClue sources, and the Telepathy client would only have to
| care about GeoClue.

See also http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/4282 .  In that case, the XO laptops
don't have any hardware to tell their location, but if they connect by
local link to a non-mobile computer whose location has been set, they
should acquire that location.  They should also continue to use that
location, although with reduced accuracy, when there is no source of
location information available.  There are many possible places to put
this logic.

On first inspection, your design seems to make this possible, but only
with an additional "location manager" daemon that uses Telepathy.

- --Ben
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