[Telepathy] Some FileTransfer spec comments

Guillaume Desmottes guillaume.desmottes at collabora.co.uk
Mon Nov 3 07:46:09 PST 2008


Here is few points I'd like to discuss about the current FileTransfer

- "In order to send a file, one should request a FileTransfer channel
for a contact, and fill the mandatory properties (Filename, and Size)"
We should add the ContentType to the list of mandatory properties.

- Reading at the spec, it wasn't clear to me if the InitialOffset can be
set when requesting the FT channel or not. This sentence made me think
it can't "until the state changes to Open, this property is undefined"
but it seems I was wrong. Spec should be clearer.

- When receiving a file, the Filename property is the suggested name of
the file, not the full path to which the file is being transferred. So,
if we have an Observer displaying download progression status, it won't
be able to display the name chosen by the user when he accepted the FT.
Furthermore, once the download is finished, the Observer won't be able
to display a "Open this file" button as it won't know the full path.

- This socket approach could be problematic in some CM. For example,
libpurple's FT API only use file path.
Maybe we should have move current AcceptFile, OfferFile and
AvailableSocketTypes to a FileTransfer.Socket interface and have a
FileTransfer.FilePath (or similar) interface implementing Accept/Offer
using path. The rest of the current FT channel type will stay common I


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