[Telepathy] Does the telepathy support proxy?

Wan, Shuang shuang.wan at intel.com
Tue Nov 4 05:13:17 PST 2008

Hi Simon,

     Thanks for you replying:)

     Yes, I search the source code, there are some places using http proxy (gabble and loudmouth).

But I still need the socks proxy supporting, after searched the source code,

I think it hasn’t been supported now. I tried using ksb26 kernel mode transparent socks 5 proxy,

but still failed. I will keep trying. Anyway, thanks:)

Best regards

Wan Shuang

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On Sun, 02 Nov 2008 at 16:11:41 +0800, Wan, Shuang wrote:

>          I have built the empathy from source, but I didn't find a place to set the proxy.

Empathy (or behind the scenes, actually telepathy-mission-control) uses

GNOME's global proxy settings for every connection manager that supports

tunneling through a HTTPS proxy (that's at least telepathy-gabble).

However, as far as I know it doesn't support proxies that require




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