[Telepathy] Using a server as some kind of audio/video relay?

John Pye john at curioussymbols.com
Sun Nov 23 03:34:11 PST 2008

Hi all

Due to limitations of home network connections, I have been unable to
make use of Telepathy (nor Ekiga) to make video/chat calls with other
people also on similar types of connections. These particular home ADSL
connections don't allow any incoming connections, all connections must
be instigated outgoing, IIUIC, which seems to make peer-to-peer
video/audio chat rather problematic.

I have Linux server available to me which has a static IP address and
which I can control.

Is there any FOSS software that I can install on that server that will
solve my SIP networking problems, eg by acting as a proxy or tunnel or
private relay of some sort?

Suggestions would be much appreciated.


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