[Telepathy] python and file transfer

Aleix aleixpol at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 16:52:58 PST 2008

hi list,
I need to make a bot using python and since pyxmpp wasn't a proper choice i
thought about telepathy. The problem was that I needed file transfer and I
couldn't do it.
After researching a little bit and with the help of some irc kind people i
was suggested to ask here, so here is the question:

- would I be able to create a bot capable to send and receive flies and text
using python?

I've been told that jabber support is still not supported but that
telepathy-salut would let me do so and i am kind of fine with it.

- is it documented somewhere how should i install the file transfer-capable
telepathy-salut version? (since it is not in debian sid)

Thanks a lot!
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