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Fri Oct 10 05:16:21 PDT 2008

However, I have other issues with it.

Section 8 =E2=80=94 Security Considerations =E2=80=94 of XEP-0012 says:

> A client MUST provide a way for a human user to disable sending of Last
> Activity responses from the client's full JID <localpart at domain.tld/resou=

Gabble would not provide such a way, and so would be in violation of a MUST.
This could be rectified by adding a send-last-activity connection property,
which should default to False so that existing UIs don't start silently sen=
more information about you than you told it to.

Section 4 =E2=80=94  Online User Query =E2=80=94 pseudo-defines the idle ti=
me to be:

> the last time that the user interacted with the client application

which Gabble would not be sending.  Gabble would be sending the last time an
application interacted with Gabble, which is not even an upper bound on the
time the user interacted with the client application: Empathy sets your
automatically when your screensaver kicks in, at which point the time since=
last activity would be erroneously reset to 0.

There's no way for a Telepathy UI to retrieve the last activity time of a
contact.  In any case, this XEP requires clients to *poll* for the idle tim=
e of
their contacts, which is ridiculous.  A better model would be to include the
last activity time (not seconds since last activity) in your presence.  The=
could define an interface on org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection =E2=80=94
say =E2=80=94 with something resembling the following API:

 =C2=BB method SetIdle(uint64: last_activity_unix_time) =E2=86=92 nothing
   - your presence applet would call this with the time of your last
     =E2=80=94 with it or with your entire desktop, per user preference =E2=
=80=94 after
     been idle for n minutes (say, 5) or when your screensaver kicks in or
 =C2=BB method Back() =E2=86=92 nothing
 =C2=BB signal BecameIdle(uint32: handle, uint64: last_activity_unix_time)
   - raised when a contact becomes idle.
 =C2=BB signal CameBack(uint32: handle)
   - raised when a contact came back.

I don't really see the use of implementing this XEP: its design is
wrong.  I'm amazed that I can't find a XEP proposing to do idleness as a
presence attribute; we should write one.  :-)

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