[Telepathy] Protocol Parameters in Telepathy

Prasad s.prasad at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 00:14:33 PDT 2008


I am from the Spicebird project [http://www.spicebird.com].  We have 
recently added IM support for Spicebird based on the Telepathy framework 
on both Windows & GNU/Linux (on the trunk).  On windows we launch our 
own DBus, while on GNU/Linux we have a build time option to use the 
session bus or launch our own bus.

We have some small problems with the protocol parameters.

1. Is there a way to relate parameters across multiple releases of 

2. When I see Empathy's account setting dialog, it asks for very few 
parameters from the user for Gabble, while Gabble can take many more 
parameters!  What is the criteria for asking and not asking a parameter?

3. Is there a way to relate parameters across connection-managers.  Eg: 
I setup an account for Jabber using Gabble, can I make it work 
transparently with Haze too?

I know that few params are standardized like the Server, Port, Account 
and Password.  Are there any other things that can make the above possible?

Prasad Sunkari

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